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Out of Stock // Sent Temporary Memory


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I've used you guys memory for years and recently I have for the first time had to RMA ram, which I wasn't too concerned about since I have heard great things. Unfortunately I must say I haven't exactly had the most pleasant experience with the RMA Process. I spent roughly $1000 a few months ago on your famous Dominator line, when I purchased 2xPC9136 (2gb) kits.


I ran into some issues with the RAM on my Striker Extreme w/ Vista 64 Ultimate which several users have also xperienced problems with. From day one this memory needed to be run at 667Mhz in 5-5-5-15 timings in order to be stable. Of course I wans't happy with this but I figured over time the BIOS would mature and I could slowly bump back up. This never happened and instead after a couple months I started to get several errors. I ran memtest and discovered errors within the modules. I RMA'd all 4 modules. A week went by and not one reply or update. I finally called, and I was told that they did not have replacement modules in stock, and that they would be sending me cheaper replacment modules to use temporarily.


I was really upset to hear that I would be getting modules (4gb 6400Ds) that cost a 1/4 of the price I paid for the dominators, to use temporarily. I would have rather waited for stock to come in. A week and a bit later I finally get the temporary modules, and now since its been almost 3 weeks, I'm still feeling I want my Dominators back or something better than what I sent in.


My question is how long do I have to wait for MY memory back. I almost don't even want to install this cheaper memory you have provided. What steps do I need to take to here? Am I to sit and wait still without any status update?

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