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PC8500 dead? help!


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hey all. need some help. i think my pc 8500 is dead. i can only run one stick at a time. in any channel. on top of that. it only works about 30% of the time with only one stick in.

here's what happens


i put one stick in. power up. lights come on, drives spin etc. but thats it, no error code. then i power down, and sometimes, it will work fine, others it wont.


i put both sticks in, it will never post. in any configuration. i pulled my GPU out (to get a beep code error) and get nothing on power up. if i pull all the ram out, i get a beep code


so i replaced my motherboard, gpu, and psu, one at a time. still nothing. either stick works sometimes alone, but never together in any board. (i work at a computer shop so i can test it)

i've tried going through the online ramguy thing, but im not getting much help. i dont think im making my point clear maybe. but im sure someone here can help!


thanks again. if you need more info, let me know :D

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