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"value select" and AMD 4200 x2


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I've been running 1GB of this memory in a dual-channel mode

with an AMD 64 3200 (single core) just fine for about a year.

The motherboard is the Biostar Geforce 6100 M9.


I recently upgraded the processor to the dual core 4200 x2,

and I noticed that navigating around windows, opening windows, using explorer,

etc,etc seems slightly more sluggish than before.


So here's my question - is it memory related? Is the dual core

more "sensitive" to the budget (read "slow") memory?


Thanks for any idea's.


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You would need to re-install the O.S. for it to properly see the new CPU. I would try a fresh Install of the O.S. on another HDD and before you do go to Bios and load setup defaults and then set any settings that need to be set and proceed with the Install.

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thanks for the info. I *think* the system is properly seeing the cpu.

I've already tried a repair install but the problem persists.

The cpu is recognized everywhere I've checked. It displays properly

in device manager (2 instances under "Processor").

The dual core ACPI HAL is loaded.

Task manager shows 2 cpu graphs in the performance tab.


Running a cpu hog like an mpg encode on a dual cpu aware program

(like tmpgenc) completes the task twice as quick as it did before -

so both cpus are working.


It's just a slight delay or latency, (fraction of a second) of navigating around

windows that seems to be the problem.


I will attempt a new install and report back.

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The new install did not show any improvement until

I downloaded the latest chipset/graphics driver from Nvidia

for Nforce 410 and geforce 6100.


Now it's a little smoother, but I'm going to play with it a bit more this morning

to make sure. But then I checked the chipset driver verson and it was still

version 8.26, the same as I had from a year ago. So I'm not really sure what is

going on - unless, it wasn't the chipset, but the graphics driver that helped?





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Same here ... Have a Biostar 6100-M9 and it feels sluggish. Using Value Select RAM as well.


I noticed a couple times I got a "white screen of death" on the machine - the screen turned white with a bunch of streaks.


It does have a built in video card that uses system ram for memory - I wonder if there is a timing problem???


The RAM is good (or at least I think so) because it was pulled out of another working machine I had.

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