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Broken Modular PSU Connector


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Hi All, first post here, but to start on the +ive side of things, great products, love the rubberised flash drives, very tough and ready for life in the world of the Yorkshire Dales in the UK where it often rains, great Ram etc. but now on to a small -ive bit.


I purchased the 520W Modular PSU and it has a broken SATA connector on it, and I posted on our support forum here in the UK (http://forums.cclonline.com/showthread.php?p=76355#post76355) and a wonderful dude from yourseleves at Corsair, Yellowbeard, known on here as Specmike I believe as they share the same avatar, said to post here and someone should be able to sort me out a replacement lead for it rather than me taking the whole thing out and RMA'ing it for a little lead. The PSU in question is the HX520W and its one of the modular SATA leads, one of the actual SATA connectors is damaged at the top so it doesn't stay locked on to the connector on the drive it just pops off, I didn't notice it until I fitted it all in so can someone please help me get a new SATA lead for this unit please.




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