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memory and DFI Infinity UltraII-m2


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Some months ago I've used this board with Apacer DDR2 533mhz and I could boot system with FSB 335mhz.

After that I bought Kingmax 667mhz/A-DATA 800mhz/Transcend 667Mhz and none of them could boot over 300mhz FSB (all were 2x512MB and I've tryed every divider/latency/multiplier/voltages but nothing changed... simply couldnt boot over 300).


I've decided to change a board so now I got new (same model...ultraII-m2) and I bought Corsair 2x512MB 5400C4 but still got same problem... system won't boot over 300FSB... (no matter what are latency, voltages (I've tryed changing chipset/CPU/DRAM) and multipliers).


On DFI forum they've told me that problem is my power supply (fortron 350W pnf) but I wonder; why did apacer work normal and others can't??

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Every of those memorys were 2x512mb sticks.. but I've also tryed 1 stick, and I've tryed to put sticks in other slots...



There is 1 important thing:


With all of those memorys (except Apacer), after I've saved FSB 300 in BIOS and computer reboot, there were going 2 long sounds out...




when I've saved FSB 337 with apacer there was no sound going out... system was just rebooting all the time... so I guess that FSB has passed its maximum freq.

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I've tryed with 400W power supply and MB still doesnt work with corsair over 300FSB...


Guy who gave me his power supply also gave me his memory (GoodRam 667mhz 512MB) and with it I could boot over 350.


2 most cheap memorys work normally on my mainboard and others 4 not? (Actually on this mainboard which I got now I've tryed only corsair and goodram and on other mainboard I've tryed apacer whioch worked normally and transcend/a-data/kingmax which didn't)


I don't get it...

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