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Will not post


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I have 4 sticks of corsair platinum series extreme memory speeds XMS.

My computer will not post with two of the sticks i had purchased in 2005.

Ive been lazy and have found no need to resolve this issue until now. Seeing that windows vista recommends upgrading to two gigs of ram.

I have tried every variation of trying to get the computer to post, and it seems ive isolated it to 2 of the 4 sticks.


Im running a k8n neo2 msi motherboard, ive always had the bios set to run at the most stable settings.


cmx512-3200c2pt xms3202v1.1 023831 and cmx512-3200 c2pt xms3202v1.1 024428

are the modules in question.


I went back to the retailer and they said it was not their policy to take returns from that long ago reguardless of the memory having a lifetime warrenty.

They did give me copies of my receipts from their system that shows when i purchased them.


Just looking for help to get this problem resolved.


Thank you

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