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Potential Issues with a new system build


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Hey whatsup everyone :biggrin:


I just built a new system and it's finally up and running with only 1 episode of instability. I'm assuming you guys can see the specs of my computer since I had to put them in to register so I'll get to the point. Well from viewing the forums it seems others are having problems with corsair memory and ASUS boards. I purchased 2 of the Corsair twin XM2 PC6400 C4 for a total of 4gigz of memory. Obviously when I was initally testing I only put one of the sticks in just to get up and running. When I was satisfied with it's stability and everything was going well, I installed a 2nd stick for dual channel. This is where it gets odd.


With the 2 gigz it seemed as if my computer was going the same speed and sometimes even slower then with one. I've read some of the other posts and I saw Ramguy say that the memory I purchased was compatible with my ASUS crosshair. I checked out my system information and the total physical was 2048, but the available physical was only 1024 (hmm.. just checked again it's 1.55gb). The total virtual was 2 gb and the available virtual was 1.96 so I didn't see any issues there. I haven't even touched the settings for the ram, their still at stock settings of 5-5-5-18 800mhz timing (I plan on going to epp settings of 4-4-4-12 when im sure everything is working well).


So essentially all I want to know is, is there a problem in compatibility? Why does it seem as if my PC is going slower with the 2gigz in dual channel setup? Will my rig be okay with all 4gigz? I'm looking into doing a mem test now, and even if one of the sticks are bad thats not an issue, it's easily fixed.


Your guidance and help is greatly appreciated, and with your assistance I'm sure I can get my system optimized in no time :D:


Thanks again

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Ok here are my Memtest86+ v 1.70 results 3.5 hrs later.


L1 Cache: 128k 23,055 MB/s

L2 Cache: 1024k 5728 MB/s

Memory: 2047 3054 MB/s

Chipset: AMD K8 Ecc [disabled]

Settings: RAM: 401Mhz?? (DDR803) / Cas 5-5-5-18 / DDR-2 (128 bit)


I did 6 passes, and they all were succesful with no errors.


I checked BIOS afterwards, being that I haven't touched it all, the settings are still set to auto, but the BIOS says my DRAM speed settings are 800 mhz with 5-5-5-18/2t timings. I'm not going to touch anything yet though, I'll let you guys throw in your opinions off that report and hopefully it'll assist you in helping to let me know whats up.


Again, thx for your help/input guys.

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Here's another follow up on my situation.


I decided to do a Memtest with 3ghz and the my system posted without issue, but it failed the test on pass #1. I didn't think it was the module though since there were a lot of things not adding up about that test, for instance the data transfer rate with 3 ghz was only about 2.2k which as you can see is significantly lower then the results I got from the post above with 2ghz in dual channel. Using AI booster I've noticed the memory is currently set only to run at 1.85v (bios set on auto) which I think is also an issue, not to mention memtest says the modules are only running at 401mhz (bios again set on auto) which looks like another thing thats probably causing an issue.


Anyways I decided to check my last 2 modules individually with memtest, and just as I thought both are completely fine, making over 6 passes without issue. lol I also noticed that the data transfer with only 1 stick was 2.3k, so higher then what I had with the 3ghz. I know my mobo can handle it, being that it's ASUS's flagship for AMD processors, and after all the research I've done I definitely don't think it's an incompatibility problem. So my current speculation is that I just have to change the BIOS settings to what they're supposed to be.


Btw, I read Ramguy's post on Memtest and he said errors in test 5 and 8 were mainly due to memory latencies. This makes complete sense to me since w/ 3 ghz it failed 1st at test 5, then I realized I forgot to turnoff USB legacy, did it again and this time it failed at test 8. With the relatively lax settings mentioned before I think I can see why but this is all speculation.


So in conclusion, I have 4 sticks of memory, each working properly, a flashed BIOS to v5.02, and USB legacy disabled. I'm not a complete novice, but I'm not really willing to take action without opinions from people that know there stuff. So i'm all ears, what should be my course of action to getting the system properly fit with all 4 sticks??


As always, your assistance is grealty appreciated.

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