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Dominator CM2X1024-6400C4D & EVGA 680i SLI Ready Problem


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I've got an EVGA 680i mobo which had problems with C-r-u-c-i-4-l B-a-l-l-i-s-t-i-x (I'm sorry why is this getting XXXXX'd out if I don't add the dashes?) PC2-6400 RAM after 6 weeks of operation so I got it swopped out for some Dominator CM2X1024-6400C4D RAM, 2x 1GB kit. In the BIOS it's not picking up that this memory is SLI Ready, it doesn't even give me the option of enabling it. The sticker on the packaging says that it's SLI Ready...but here's another strange problem, in CPUZ the one stick of RAM is picked up correctly, PC2-6400 (400Mhz) but the other stick is showing up at PC2-8500 (533Mhz), I checked both DIMMS and they're physically identical, the labels are both exactly the same.


What kind of a problem am I looking at here?


To add some history my machine ran perfectly with the C-r-u-c-i-4-l B-a-l-l-i-s-t-i-x ram but 1 week ago, and for no apparent reason, the PC started freezing up and I started getting C1 errors on the mobo error code LED and I could only get the machine running by running with a single DIMM but then yesterday it's stopped working completely.


When I installed the new Dominator XMS2 memory it also wouldn't bootup so I had to run it with a single DIMM for about 2 hours. I turned it off and then installed the second DIMM and now thing's seem to be okay except for those weird readings and the BIOS issue.


Any help here?

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I need to take this RAM back within 7 days to get it swopped out with something more compatible if this is a compability issue. Has anyone used this RAM on the EVGA 680i board? If not, what is the best 'enthusiast' level RAM for this motherboard?

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