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Response to Ramguy's query @newegg


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I know you asked for specs from Newegg customers, but I have been having similar problems posted there, though I bought my ram from zipzoomfly.com. I’ve had stability issues and constant Memtest errors with the Corsair Twin 2x2048-6400C4 memory. Here are my specs:


Intel Core 2 Duo 6400 [not oced]; FSB: 1067 [bus speed 266.6]

Asus P5N-E SLI mb rev 1.01G [bios 0401]

Corsair Twin 2x2048-6400C4 XMS6404v2.1 running @4-4-4-12 2T, TRC: 22

Sapphire Radeon X1950 Pro

Corsair HX520W power supply

Antec Sonata case with four fans


I also think you should know that I have spoken to telephone support 3 times and filled out a TechXpress form (Case #79065.) I have gone through various changes that have been suggested by tech support and still have come up with errors in Memtest. When I spoke with “John,” he suggested starting at 1.9v and workng up to 2.1v (I’ve done 1.9, 2.085 and 2.178.) Today, “Leo” said this ram is best at 1.9v. In your forum, you (Ramguy) suggested 2.1v. By the way, no one contacted me or responded to my forum posting as “frustor.” I have put PNY ram (667) and it has been running without error for 1 day. Leo said that it was because it was “looser” ram. He also implicated that the problem is probably my board, but I tried to point out that this ram is on the QLV for this board and I had called Corsair before I bought the ram and was told it was 100% compatible. Leo did enable an RMA but I’m still waiting for the approval and number. Then, I’m supposed to call customer support because I need this ram in a critical machine and would like to have it cross-shipped.


I’ve been a loyal Corsair customer (and building computers) for over 6 years and never had to go through such trials and tribulations. I know there can be incompatibilities but at some point, Corsair has to look at what’s happening with these modules. And yes, I know the bulk of them must be doing well because thousands are sold but I don’t think I should be penalized for whatever the problem is (that is, having to wait for a long time sending in and getting back the ram without cross-shipping.) I am not a complainer by nature but I’m really feeling lost at sea. Any help to expedite my situation would be greatly appreciated.

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I do understand your frustration, I would suggest we get your modules tested here and take them out of the equation. Please send me an email with your Contact information to Ramguy@corsairmemory.com and Put ATT Ram Guy and I will be happy to call you.


On the Voltage its bit harder to explain and understand, but in a nut shell shat I think Leo was trying to tell you is this, we rate the modules up to 2.1 Volts and in most cases setting the maximum voltage will be suggested if someone is having problems. However, we are starting to see some MB's that are or seem to be less stable with the On Board Voltage for what ever reason.

This MB specifically seems to be one of the MB's that has displayed this symptom, not that its a bad MB just more sensitive or susceptible to Voltage spikes! This MB is also new to the market and like you is still new to us and as we learn particulars on any MB we will relay them, you also have to take into account this is not the only MB and we individually may not always work on the same MB in the lab and personally I have so much information about MB’s in my head it gives me a head ache sometimes.

Bottom line if the set of module will run at 2.1 Volts on one MB consistently but not another that would suggest an issue with that MB. And making adjustments to that specific configuration may be needed.


And we have to look at each case of this with an open mind and on its own merrits before we can correlate any specific's and approach a MB maker or chipset maker. Or if we see a problem with a the module. I am not sure what the issue is at this point but this whole series of steps with New egg and with users from the forum is an attempt to identify the issue then work to resolve it.

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