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Need RMA for VS512MB400 module


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Dear sir,


A month ago I got various CRC errors when extracting .rar files and other compressed archives. After doing some research, I found out it could be a damaged memory module.


I ran Windows Memory test (http://oca.microsoft.com/en/windiag.asp) and all tests failed. (not memtest, but think they test almost the same..?)


I've got two VS512MB400 modules, so I tested both independently. With the first, all tests succeeded. With the second, all tests failed.


With only one module in my computer right now, I don't get any CRC errors anymore. So I'm pretty sure the other one is damaged (after almost two years of no problems... it suddenly broke?? is that possible?)


I read Corsair has a lifetime warranty, so I want to ask you, can I get the RMA form so I can apply for a new module?


The serial of the module is: 783 - 0504095-0 - 091608


Thank you in advance,


Marc Bonnet

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