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Abit AN8 SLI/Corsair 3200XL issues?


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Hi there,

hope someone can help. I have been getting random shutdowns recently (complete power off no errors or anything) and I am wondering if it is my ram.


I used to run this system without any problems with my corsair Value Select twinx modules (2x512Mb) but when I went back to my Twinx 3200XL (5-2-2-2/1T) I am having these crashes.


I have tried increasing the voltage to 2.75 (and even 2.80) without any luck.


I have the bios set to 'By SPD' for the memory.


The system is never overclocked.




Motherboard Abit AN8-SLI

PSU Nexus NX-4090

GFX NVidia 7600GT or 6600GT

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Two possibilities I see.


Firstly, your BIOS is retaining settings that are not compatible with this DRAM but which were with the previous DRAM.


Secondly, this could be the characteristics of a dying power supply.


I would perform a hard reset of the system to clear out any possibilities of corruption at the BIOS/capacitor level and will deal with possibility one.


  1. Remove the ATX Power Plug.
  2. Remove the Power 20/24 pin connector (Motherboard)
  3. Remove the Power 4-pin 12 volt connector (Motherboard)
  4. Remove the CMOS Battery
  5. Remove the RAM
  6. Remove the Video Card
  7. Remove all other PCI/PCI-e Cards
  8. Press the Power Button and hold for 10 seconds to drain mainboard components


Let stand for a few hours

  1. Replace the Power 20/24 pin connector (Motherboard)
  2. Replace the Power 4-pin 12 volt connector (Motherboard)
  3. Replace the CMOS Battery
  4. Replace the RAM (In the first slot closest to the Processor)
  5. Replace the Video Card and PCI/PCI-e Cards
  6. Replace the ATX Power Plug


Download memtest from http://www.memtest.org and burn this image to a CD. Shut the system down, remove all but one stick of DRAM and leave that stick in the closest DRAM slot to the CPU. Boot from the CD and allow a few passes to test your ram. Do this after you have done the above Hard Reset.


How long have you had this power supply? Do you leave your computer on 24/7? Do you have another power supply to test this out?

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Thanks for the reply. I have done everything you suggested. But it still was having the problems.


Computer is on maybe 10-12 hours per day.

I have tried a friends power supply (higher rated than mine) and we still got the same problems. (the shutdowns are very random though if you wait long enough you will get one).

Power supply...it was brand new about 13 months ago.


I have tried a few things since then and seem to have made things a little easier.


I changed the memory settings from CAS 2 to CAS 3, then changed the 1t to 2t and these changes have certainly increased the time before I have a random shutdown but the problem is still persisting.



I have not yet run memtest...but I will try and do that tonight and post the results.


Anything else I can try?



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Right finally got sick and tired of the random crashes and burnt a copy of memtest.

Ran each of the modules as per the instructions for about 3 hours each with no errors. I also ran memtest with both sticks installed and memtest returned an error.


The error was


Test 7 Pass 14 Failing Address 000363bedd4 867.8Mb Good 45ebb0ac bad 45eba0ac errbits 0001000 cnt 1

The memory is a twin set.


What does that mean?


I am sick of these random crashes....the system can be going happily one day then the next it might crash twice in the space of a couple of hours. It can be at any time and while I am doing anything. I have recently installed a fresh copy of Vista (hoping that it might have been a problem with XP) but the crashes keep coming.


I have upgraded my video card, tried a new CPU, tried a new power supply. I have tried clearing the CMOS completely as above. I have also tried 'dumbing' down the memory but it still keeps happening.

What next?

Thanks in advance,


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