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Need RMA for bad Memory module

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FYI Tech Support Express page is not working does not get past first page after hitting next when I select this memory


1 Module of a dual channel kit went bad. PC would not post one long beep and 2 short beeps (indicates memory problem) I put in an identical dual channel kit from my other PC and PC booted fine I then tried the original set again and no boot then I took one module out and booted fine I then tried the other module by itself and again no boot.


Memory is CM2X1024-6400 XMS6405v5.1

002063 0633450-0

MotherBoard Asus M2N32SLI Deluxe


I built 4 systems before xmas for myself and friends to play games all Identical equipment with the exception that 2 are using Asus M2N32SLI DLX Motherboards and 2 are using Asus Crosshair Motherboards but everything else is identical


Antec 900 Case with additional 120mm Blue LED Side Fan

AMD Athlon 64XP x2 4200 (AM2) processor

Dual channel kit corsair CM2X1024-6400 ram (2GB DDR2 6400)



Antec TP3650 SLI certified PS

BFG 7950GTOC 512MB Video card

Saitek Black USB Wired Standard Eclipse Keyboard Blue Led

Razer Diamondback Plasma Blue 1600 dpi Gaming Mouse

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