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CMX512 modules, 333MHz - errors in both!


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I bought the CMX512 2700L modules (333MHz) approximately in February 2003 to run on an Asus A7N8X deluxe board with a 2800+ CPU. Ran great but had some graphic problems last spring and it turned out the cheapest solution was to replace the motherboard ($40). Switched in an ASRock K7NF2-raid board and everything has been running very smoothly until last month when I started to get glitches and then an occasional BSOD. The error messages were different everytime, so I put it up on the bench and with Hiren's Boot CD ran all three memory test programs on each module.


It seems that each module throws up multiple errors! I was surprised as I'd thought I'd only have to replace one unit, but it seems that both units register errors in just about every test. This occurs in all three programs, DocMemory, Gold Diagnostic, and MemTest.


The units are 333MHz, though the board is rated at 400. I chose the slightly slower units because they had the best CL rating (2) and proved to be better than the available 400MHz units at the tme.


I am in Vienna, Austria. Do I have to send them to California, or is there a European address?


tia, DD


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Please set the Dim Voltage to 2.7X volts and then set the timings manually to the tested settings for the specific module you have, and then test the module/modules one at a time with http://www.memtest.org! If you still get errors, please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part!” and we will be happy to replace them or it! However, if you get errors with both modules that would suggest some other problem and I would test them in another system or MB to be sure.
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Thanks for the quick reply.


I'm testing right now with the settings done manually, though the bios only has an Auto, High and Normal for the voltage setting. I'm testing at normal first.


I previously tested both modules in all three slots with all three programs. Most errors on module A showed up at 401.6 MB and 385.6 MB and module came in at mostly 269.9 MB with one or two at 409.6 MB. the errors were consistent across the slots. We'll see if they show up with the manual settings.


If my motherboard chipset is buggy, the errors should either be random and not consistent, or they should be consistent with both modules, not different with each.


I going to a friend's on Thursday where I can test the modules in a known good machine. I have a spare board which can accommodate 333MHz DDR, but no spare CPU or DDR modules. I'd rather not disassemble the chip assembly if I don't have to, hence I'll bring the modules to another working board and test there. If the modules are good then it is probably the memory controller in the chipset on the mainboard.


I'll let you know the result of the current test and Thursday's as soon as I know.





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I would set these settings and test the modules one at a time.

CPU Freq: 166 MHz

System Performance: User Define

Memory Frequency: 100%

Dim Voltage to 2.7 Volts

Resulting Frequency: 166MHz

Memory Timings: Manual/User Define

SDRAM CAS Latency: 2T

SDRAM RAS to CAS Delay (tRCD): 3T

SDRAM Row Precharge (tRP): 2T

SDRAM Active to Precharge Delay (tRAS): 5T

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