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Sudden failures with my Dominator 8500 RAM

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Yup...I was wondering what in the hell was going on as of late. Yesterday my system was super stable...today...freezing, reboots, blue screen of death and so on and so fourth. I was boggled. My system was super stable with orthoes up to 8 hrs solid..prime 95 24hr sold...super pi solid. SOLID SOLID SOLID!


After the first couple of freezes and reboots, things started degrading fast. I can only 1 run stick from the Dominator 8500 2 gig kit, so now I'm only at 1 gig. Of course its been set to 5-5-5-15/2.2 VDIMM. But I CANNOT get it to boot stable at its rated 1066mhz frequency. The other stick of RAM in this dual 1 gig kit will cause my 680i (w/ the new P23 FINAL Bios) to just beep at me...Getting error "C1" on the LCD readout. I've Tried all slots and still no go with that stick of RAM. It would seem that 1 has failed and that the other is going to be failing soon given it can't even do its rated 1066mhz anymore.


uhg! I've never had a RAM failure, is this how it is? Stable 1 day...chaos the next?


I'm thinking of trying to throw just the FULL BIOS 23 update back on, I actually used that nvidia hotfix flash program to update from the 23 BIOS BETA...I guess the hotfix was suppose to make the BETA a FINAL version...I will try and download the FULL non-beta related P23 Bios from Evga and see. But it was stable yesterday even with the Hotfix on there.


I just find it so strange how this is right now.


opinions on what I can try?


currently I only have 1 stick of the Dominator 8500 in, thats how I'm able to type this out. :)

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