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Recurring error message


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For about 8 months I've been experiencing spontaneous system rebooting as well as error messages. I've had several hardware changes and I've reinstalled my OS many times. Yet the same problems transcend all the different configurations. I think I can safely rule out software and drivers.


The one thing that baffles me the most is the error messages I've been receiving for nearly a year. It says ->


The instruction at "0x0???454d" referenced memory at "0x0???454d". The memory could not be "read".


The strange thing is that location ALWAYS starts with "0x0" and ends with "454d". The numbers in between do change with each message, but the beginning and end are always the same.


I don't know enough memory addresses to know if this is significant, but I'm hoping someone else might.


These screen shots have been taken over a period of several months with many different OS and Software configurations.....






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My 2 memory modules are ->


XMS 3202 v4.2



XMS 3202 v1.5



My mobo is ->


MSI - 865 Neo2 P

ms 7628 v2


My CPU is ->


Intel P4 HT Prescott 3.2 Mhz

800 FSB


My BIOS settings are ->


Performance - Normal

D.O.T. - Disabled

CPU Ratio - Locked

DRAM Frequency - Auto

Spread Spectrum - Disabled

DDR Clock - 400 (Greyed out)


I'm not sure what else you would like to know, I usually don't change BIOS settings since I'm not too familiar with them. And I don't have any extra performance settings set.


Thanks :-)

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HA !!


Okay, I'll run those tests over the next few days..... But just to let you know, I got these 2 modules DIRECTLY from you guys at Corsair !!! If anyone would, I would expect you guys to at least send me a MATCHED PAIR !!!

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