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Abit KN9 Memory Compability

TN Bob

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Hi Ram guy,


I just built a system that is using this same exact MB. I bought the TWIN2XP2048-6400C4. Loading of Windows went fine but a few files that I downloaded are giving me wierd errors. I am suspecting the memory here. I have the defaults loaded:

DRAM clock: DDR2 800

DQS Timing training: Skip DQS

CKE Base Power Down Mode: Enabled

CKE Base Power Down by: Channel

Memclock tri-stating: disabled

Tutr Command delay: 3 clocks

Trfc 0 for DIMM1: 105 ns

Trfc 1 for DIMM2: 75 ns

Trfc 2 for DIMM3: 75 ns

Trfc 3 for DIMM4: 75 ns

Write recovery time: 6 clocks

Precharge time: 2 clocks

Row cycle time: 23 clocks

RAS to CAS delay: 5 clocks

RAS to RAS delay: 3 clocks

Row precharge time: 5 clocks

Min. Ras Act-time: 18 clocks

Cas Latency: Auto

Command Rate: Auto

Memory Hole Remapping: Enabled

Auto Optimize Bottom IO: Enabled


Please let me know if I need to change some of these settings. Thanks in advance for your help.


BTW, I did run Memtest twice and they both passed.

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I am building a new AM2 system with the ABIT KN9 NF4 Ultra and AMD 3000+. I have everything I need except memory and a PSU. Just going with a cheapy cpu and gpu till Vista launches in Feb. I plan on going to a high end dual-core 5200 and DX10 compatible card.


Wondering what the best 2gb solution would be for me. ABIT doesn't list Corsair as an officially compatible solution.

Here's the official list.


The page says it supports 533, 667, 800, and 900. My product box and manufacturer recommends 800. What's the best ram for me if I'm a daily online clan competitive gamer? I've had friends that have actually burned processors and motherboards so I've never done overclocking out of sheer fear of burning something. Just looking for a solid stock solution for my new AM2 Vista DX10 gaming rig. Does Corsair have something for me or should I stick with ABIT's recommended manufacturers? If so what do you suggest?

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Well I finally got my system built and did purchase the ram you recommended. It's showing up as 5-7-9 and 1.3v. I upped the voltage to 2.1 and tried messing with the RAS, CAS, Tras, TRC but can't get it to 4-4-4-12.


The ram works fine. Just haven't figured out how to set my timings. I'm coming from an MSI board so all these new timing options in the abit phoenix bios are beyond me.


I can't find anything online that will show me how to properly adjust my timings. The extent of documentation at abit says "and adjust your timings to..." well yeah ok you have to know how to do that first to get anywhere productive.


CPU-z says:

RAS# Precharge: 5 clocks

Cycle Time (Tras): 7 clocks

Bank Cycle time (Trc): 9 clocks

DRAM Idle Timer: 0 clocks


Frequency: 139.1 MHz


Bios says:

DRAM Clock: DDR2 800

TwTr Command Delay: 3 clocks

Write Recovery Time (Twr): 6 clocks

Precharge Time (Trtp): 2 clocks

Row Cycle Time (Trc): 23 clocks

RAS to CAS Delay (Trcd): 5 clocks

RAS to RAS Delay (Trrd): 3 clocks

Row Precharge Time (Trp): 5 clocks

Min. RAS Act-Time (Tras): 18 clocks

Cas Latency: Auto ...I did move to 4 when messing around

Command Rate: Auto


edit: aha nevermind. i manually flashed my bios to rev 1.8 from 1.2 and magically everything showed up. no wonder that stuff didn't make sense. now it looks like something i can work with. silly me didn't do a flash after install. it has been a whole year since i started putting my parts together. ;P

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