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Flash Format Issue


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I purchased a Consair 2 GB MicroSD card for my Kyocera Kx5. I started putting music and videos onto the card and played them on my cell phone. Everything was peachy until I realised a few titles had illegal characters in them and my videos were the wrong format. So I plugged the drive into my computer, formated the drive to reclaim the the drive space from the video and reloaded my music. The cell phone now says the card is ready to be used, but my phone is lying to me. When I try to select a playlist or All from the music player menu the phone restarts itself. It even makes that silly startup tone and continues to lie to me about how well my card is working. I tried to fix the problem on my computer but now the card is only 1 gb in size and the card works fine on my computer. I'm guessing there's a problem because the card is 2gigs and only 1gig right now. Any insight on why my card has shrunk and why my phone won't use the card would be appreciated. Also I'm still working on the video format issue. Sorry for the length of this post but I'm now bored because my shiny phone is now only good for talking and a card game. Again thanks in advance for any help.
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