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Still no 1gig single-sided ddr400's out there?


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My apologies first if this particular question is asked anywhere else. Tried different search terms but no posts really answered what I'm looking for.


I currently am running 2g of DDR 400 RAM on my MSI 7185 SLI-F. I would like to take it to 4g. Thing is, to run 4g of DDR 400 they must be single sided. That's where I keep running into a wall. It seems that no one is making 1g sticks that are single sided. I can go the way of DDR 333 and run double sided 1g sticks though.


My questions are:

Are there any DDR 400 1g single sided sticks on the market at all, and if not are there any that might hit the market soon? If I went with the DDR 333 would the performance difference be noticable at all versus running DDR 400? If not, which DDR 333 1g sticks would you reccommend? (This is my main gaming rig)


Appreciate any help at all on this matter.:):

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