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bad memory CMX512-3200C2PRO


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One of my Twinx Corsair memory (CMX512-3200C2PRO) is bad. I tested each of it separate with memtest -> one is ok, one is bad.


First time i tested it (the bad one) with memtest, the screen froze.


I tested it another time, my computer crashed and showed behavior it shows when there is no memory in it (this normally happens if i put in the bad part and work with windows after a different amount of time).


At third test, bad one had this memtest failure message: "TST: 4 PASS: 0 Failing Address: 00000200004 - . MB"


this happens after two years without any change of the system. The good one works without any problems in both memory slots and makes it possible to write this message. I've got a shuttle SN95G5.





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