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In many cases you will get BSODs or some sort of restarting problem. Depending on how much the PSU is underpowered, this may happen as soon as you boot up or, it could happen after 2 hours of gaming or anywhere in between. Heat is often part of the problem and the PSU will shut itself off or the power monitoring on the MOBO will kick in and protect the system.


In a worst case scenario, a really cheap PSU under a very heavy load can actually have components explode.....literally. A catastrophic failure such as this can take other components with it when it blasts off for the moon. This is rare but it can happen.


Another thing that people usually cannot detect until it is too late is dirty power damaging components over time. HDs and video cards are especially succeptible to damage from this type of bad power. What happens is that the PSU allows AC current to bleed thru to the DC devices in your system. This is BAD. Over time, this will eventually kill some of the components in the system even though the PSU itself does not fail.


I see people all the time with a $2k, $3, or even more system with a $49 PSU in it. Wouldn't it be a shame to kill a puter like that with a $49 PSU.

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