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To The RAM GUY Plese help me out!!!


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I have some XMS2 RAM (About 6 months old give take a month)


The XMS number is: XMS6405v1.3

The lot code is: 0618023-1


These are my specs:

Asus P5N32 SLI

P4 Dual core 960

WD Raptor 150Gb

Silver stone 600w

Asus 7900GT


My PC crashed while I was doing a HD scan.


I tried to re boot to windows but it said there was an error some files were missing.


I tried to reinstall windows but it wont install (with both sticks of ram in dual channel mode on the yellow ram slots).


One of the sticks of ram installs windows the other stick of ram WONT install windows at all. Is not being able to install windows a good indication that my ram is faulty?


1 Can the RMA be done in Australia (do you have an office in Aus)?


2 When I post my faulty sticks of RAM.... I will just wrap them in an antistatic bag and put it in a paper envelope and post it via air mail. Is this acceptable? Is this enough to protect it in transit? Any recomendations?


3 Once you fix my RAM will I have to pay for the shipping back to Australia?

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I have set the ram to 21.V (It was a 1.9v)


I cant see any options for DDR667 in my bios....


What do you recomend I set the CAS RAS etc etc times to? Currently they are on "auto"


I think the ram is running at 800mhz in the "jumper free settings"

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Sorry my bad


I think I had faulty WD raptor, or was corupt or somthing... couldnt load up Windows half the time.


I got new HD reinstalled windows...


I did the memtest thing overnight with both modules it passed 20 times with no failures.


thanks for your helps

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