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Faulty Power supplies


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Hey guys, i have a quick question all opinions are welcome. whats up with the power supplies these days? does anyone make a quality PSU anymore? its getting harder and harder to find one. ok what i am trying to get at is the corsair psu's HX520 and HX620 are rebadged Seasonic S12's correct? now if you do a review on them, epecially newegg you see all these ppl with there psu's blowing up popping and even blowing out there system. it almost seems like companies dont make quality stuff anymore, this makes me really nervous to see these problems. now i am thinking about buying the corsair psu but m i gonna maybe get this problem since its basically a seasonic S12? and if this ever god forbid did happen, who the heck would pay for my system??? just curious, i see so far the corsair got good reviews from newegg and someother sites, but what makes yours diff from any of the problems they were having?
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so ur telling me ur power supplies are rebadged seasonic psu's but modified to ur specs? the way u want em built?


Our PSUs are not rebadged Seasonic S12 CPUs. The S12 CPUs are a considerably different (and older) design.


Our HX series power supplies are made to very strict quality control requirements, and if you popped the top off an HX620 and a S12 600 you'd see a very different design inside.

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alright i will have to take ur word for it. as alot of sites said ur psu's are made by seasonic.. i dunno wuts thats about then. :roll: look at the pictures wuts so diff? i am not trying to be rude but its looks the same to be on seasonic S12 other HX620W



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I was in the same situation as you, just ask power guy lol.



Anyway, I've literally spend all day and night searching for a PSU (sad I know) and I found Corsair to be more trustworthy.


The reason why some Seasonics blew because of bad Chinese caps (its fixed now). The Corsire uses the top three Japanese caps (Nichicon, Rubicon and Chemi-Con). There ware some NEC components as well. The caps inside Corsire are all 105C as stated.


I had mine for nearly three weeks and it’s been rock solid and I hope it will continue to function for years to come.


Here are some info you should be interested.




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I'd have to say that the top of the line power supply right now would be the PC power & cooling (for the price). They use industrial caps (sanyo) and they are beefy, although a bit of an older design and not modular they have very tight rails and a low rate of failure.

so far my corsair 520W is doing fine and the price was more of what I wanted to spend then $200 the turbo-cool goes for plus that version right now does not have the 8pin which most new boards are using so I wanted some type of future proofing.

The ohceezee powerstream gets good reviews as well.

I'd have to say in order even though you have many psu makers.


1. pc & p

2. corsair

3. ohceezee

4. all the rest top tier brands


for the price the corsair is hard to beat though.

maybe tomshardware will have a top tier shootout that puts all the above in a demanding test, that I would like to see.

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well i already posted... in a previous thread... pc and power cooling is nice and all but i think its alil over rated and kinda over kill plus there LOUD i dont want any jet engines in my pc. plus theres wires all over the place and there pretty long corsair on the other hand i m very impressed.. corsair uses also good caps rated for higher heat plus i would have spent alil more and went with my model the 620 well worth it. plus its quiet! its so efficient the fans dont even spin up. here is my previous thread





Hey guys received my psu today.. i must say first impressions, i was quite impressed with the build quality and how quiet this thing ran. i have not got a chance to hook it up yet and torture it, the rest of my stuff is coming tomorrow. but i was quite impressed with the quality of it so far. turned it on outside the case, as far as this buzz ppl are hearing, ur joking right? the only way u hear it is if u put ur ear to the psu. can we say ultra paranoid lol but anyways i will keep u updated after i get some load and my new system hooked up. corsair keep up the good work, keep makin psu's like this and i will def keep buying!

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