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Shuttle XPC & CM2X1024-6400


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Hi All.


I have som problems with my new system, which consists of:

Shuttle XPC SD36G5-M i945 chipset

Intel Celeron D 326 2,53 GHz

2 GB DDR2 RAM (2 pieces of CM2X1024-PC6400)


If i put both pieces in the computer, it locks after BIOS post.


One of the ram-blocks runs fine, but if i change it with the other block, it locks. Even if i put it in the other ram-socket.


I suspect one ram-block is defect.


The ram-timings i have tried with the bad ram-block is:





(the good ram-block is detected to 4-4-4-12)


Bus speed 400 MHz, 533 MHz, 667 MHz


Voltage says Auto. I think it is 1.9 volt then.


Should i return it to RMA ?


Ivan in Denmark

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