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Best Overclock Settings - 3500LL and A8N32-SLI Deluxe


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I was wondering if anyone out there can help me with the "optimal" overclock settings on the A8N32-SLI MOBO using 3500LL memory. I'm fairly familiar with overclocking, but I must admit that this MOBO has more "tweak" settings than I've ever seen.


Right now, I'm running my 3800+ X2 at 2.5 GHz (10x @ 250 FSB) very stable. I did this by using a "mild" overclocking strategy online before I purchased my 3500LL memory. In this strategy, you lower the memory clock to 166...but it actually ends up being a slight overclock (208 MHz on 3200 memory...166/200 x 250 = 208).


My question is...now that I have faster memory, can I just set the speed back to 200 MHz and run it 250 MHz? DDR voltage right now is at 2.75, but my PSU should be able to easly do more.


Anyone else out there have this setup? Will I need to manually adjust my timings to achieve best performance?





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What's more important? MHz or latency settings? I'm running it at 220 MHz now after using a 183 divider...at stock latency settings.
If there was an answer (for your mobo/memory) the FSB, multi, Vcore, divider and Vdimm would be posted everywhere. You have to test. There are alot of comninations that will overclock, there is only one that is the fastest.

And there is alot of other stuff too, for example, see the linkey in my sig and download A64Info here: http://avala.yubc.net/~lukija/A64Info.rar


As OPB says, "he who tries the most, goes the fastest."

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