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faulty ram or not fautly ram that is the ?


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my motherboard is a abit an8 fatal1ty and i had 2x512 corsair ram 3200 @400mhz.works fine

i then decided to add some extra ram which is corsair 2x512mb 4000pro @500mhz.

i added the new ram and soon as i rebooted i got error message saying,


couldnt even re-install windows as everytime i had to agree user agreement i would get the blue screen of death saying Regisrty_Error

luckily had another hard drive so took out new ram and left original in there and re-installed windows xp.

works fine.

then i swapped the old ram for new it loaded up windows,then did a reboot and nothing.

i then cleared cmos and it loaded windows,did a reboot and yet again nothing.

took out new ram and replaced with old works a treat reboots everytime.

ive got the ram with the flashing led's and ive noticed that when i boot pc up my original ram leds flash one after the other in a line where as the new ram leds flash all over the place.

the question is,faulty ram or not fautly ram

please help.

many thanks.

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why do i need to clear cmos everytime to boot up when im using the new pair on there own? i updated bios and this still happens.

is the mixing of diff types of ram just a corsair thing or on all makes and models?

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Its bet to leave it alone if its working now. But you should not mix different memory IC's on the same system for best performance. Now you can equate that to Different Versions or Differnet modules makers!
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