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TWINX 2048-3200C2PT rev.2.1 (nanya) and DFI Ultra-D - help with configuring


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To be more specific i have:

A64 3200+ (oced to 2400) (watercooled)

DFi Lanparty Ultra-D

Corsair Twinx2048-3200c2pt fsb 200 (using div 166)

HDD 250GB Westerd Digital Caviar

GF 7900GT (watercooled)


As far i understand when using such divider my memory should be able to run in stock timings (2,5-3-3-6) (2,5 for AMD right?..)

Cause i found that my revision is Nanya (whatever it it:) i am almost sure it wont be very overclockable - so i decided to stay with 200 and push only my CPU to 2400.


Now i would like to ask you for helo with setting my memory options - DFI has plenty of them and i really count on your experience:).If there are some users with similar configuration - please help, cause beside setting 2,5-3-3-6 i really don't know how to set other options.


Another problem i experienced that MAY be related to memory is fat i get "An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation" error in Event Viewer... i've read many theories about this and some pint on ram - if some of you can comfirm/help with this - it would be great cause i am really afraid of data corruption. Thats a second reason i woudl like to set up my memory perfectly.

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