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Hello RamGuy,


It's been a bit of time so I am not certain if you remember me. You fixed me up with a bad dram module about 16 months ago. I was replaced and now I have moved to a new system.


Modules XMS CMX512-3200XL


I tested the dram after the build and found errors in test 6 of module 2. I then removed the modules and changed slots. Same issue. I then replaced them in differing slots (1 for 2 and 2 for 1) with the same issue. Different slots and retesed with the same issue.


These fail at default speeds of 400MHz @ 2-2-2-5. System Specs updated.


Removed the ram and installed it into a HP machine and ran memtest with the same issues.


Can you please set me up for a RMA? I have appreciated your help in the past. Corsair has the most friendly and helpful support/rma of any DRAM company. :)


I posted this error a while ago but forgot about it. Sorry.


Thanks and regards,



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I am sorry but our XMS3200XL modules would not be supported in any OEM system, because they do not allow you to set the miniumum Voltage to 2.75 Volts.


I understand but I used the system to test at any rate. I have tested these sticks on a DFi Lanpartu Ultra D, an ASUS A8N32-SLi, the HP and an ASROCK Dual board. Only the HP did not allow voltage raises.


Regardless, the dram fails on all these systems.



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You should get a reply with in about 24 Hours if not please call our Customer Service at 888-222-4346 and ask them to check the status for you.

I called as there was no e-mail response. I was dealt with quickly and professionally. Once again Corsair shows a top notch support staff from web-site to confirmation and conclusion. ;):


Thanks again RamGuy,



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Can you forward your Emails you sent to me so I can try and see why you did not get a reply? That will really help us to know what might be going on so we can prevent this from happening in the future.

Please put ATT: Ram Guy in the subject line!



My Mistake for my lack of clarity. I went to the website and sent an RMA request. When I pressed "Send" I was refreshed back to the main page. Normally there is a refresh and a "Thank-You" on most websites when such a form is sent. This did not happen. I then checked my e-mail as there is normally an e-mail sent as an auto-responder from the web form. This did not occur.


I then followed your advice and phoned Corsair. I reached a representative by the name of Teresita who took my RMA request manually. She then sent me an e-mail with the address and RMA number.


I sent the package today. Please excuse my lack of clarity. :)





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No Problem, please let me know when you get the new modules.


I was out of city for a week and when I came the modules had been delivered. I installed them into my Opteron 165 and tested.


Clean at stock


Clean at 2.7GHz @ 2.5 - 3 - 3 - 7 (Opteron 165 X 300MHz, Ram at 180MHz divider).


I have not tested higher. This is more than enough. Thank you for your help.



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