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Tweaking my ASUS K8V Deluxe based PC


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Hi Ram Guy, and anyone else out there.


I have:

ASUS K8V Deluxe Mobo

Athlon 64 "Clawhammer" at 2.2 Ghz (3400 PR)

and two Minty Fresh Sticks of TWINX2048 3200C2PRO (2 x 1GB)


Anyway, I am trying to get the most out out these lovlies, so what I am looking for are the best settings in the BIOS for this. I am unsure of what some of the acronyms mean, and have left those on Auto, but I really would like to understand them all.


I currently have:


CAS - 2.5

TRC (Row x Column ?) - Auto

TRFC (Final Count ? ) - Auto

TRCD (RAS/CAS delay) - 3

TWR - (Write to Read ?) - Auto

TRWT - (Read to Write ?) - Auto

TRP (RAS Precharge) - 3

TRAS - (active to Pre-charge Delay) - 6

CAS Delay (aka Command Rate) - 1


So, any suggestions or explanations would be appreciated... Thx!!

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Sorry, that was not very helpful. I still don't know what some of the acronyms mean for certain, and I still am not sure what the best values should be. I am sure you folx at Corsair (or out there in the froums) know what the best settings should be for all these. TY!
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