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Bad VS512MB400 module - again!

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I just tried the replacement modules Corsair sent me for my previous RMAed (see my Post # 240903) similar modules and got disapointed :o(


One of these modules seem to be bad too. Initially I plugged in both modules in my motherboard and it didn't boot up. I removed one of them and the system booted. I replaced the one that booted with the second one and it didn't boot again. Looks like one of the two modules is defective. Here are their numbers:


Good one: VS512MB400 - 0537007-0-741974

Bad one: VS512MB400 - 0537007-0-741975


Actually they looked not exactly fresh as I noticed traces of light scratches on contact pins and one of the module's PCB... The plastic package itself also looked not sealed. Is this normal? Is it possible that these were already RMAed modules by another customer and accidently sent to me???


What should I do? Should I request RMA again? I'm getting tired with going to post office and sending to you for replacement.



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