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Using PC3200 in PC2100/PC1600 DIMMS???


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I have two sticks of ValueSelect model # VS512MB400 RAM installed in a factory spec HP 752w with two DIMMs. The motherboard is a MSI model # MS-6507E. According to the HP Product Specifications, both DIMMs are PC2100/PC1600 (up to 512MB each for 1GB total ) as listed here:




MSI site has the same info as well. It is supposed to be DDR266, right? So how and why are these DDR400 (PC3200) modules working on this board? Been doing so for over a year now with no issues (I think) yet. Is it safe to run them? Am I in any way damaging the board and or the modules by continuing to do so? Have I already damaged them? What should I do? Would it perform better with the PC2100? Any light shed on this matter would be GREATLY appreciated...


Thank you,



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