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My TWINX2048-3200c2pt seem to be bad..


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I bought a set of the 1024 sticks (TWINX2048-3200c2pt) for a total of 2GBs for my new HTPC system. After doing some inital tests/configuration/etc. The system seemed a little unstable to me so I ran memtest, which is integrated into the mobo (very cool) and got this:




Doh! This is before I have even done an ounce of tweaking. No overclocking or anything at this point. The ram settings are even below optimal (2T,3,3,3,8).

Okay, so I took out one of the stick and ran memtest again through the 7-8th test and no problems. I figure the stick I took out was the culprit. I'll have to RMA it.


I continue to mess with my system for a while and get everything situated. Afterward I decide to bump up the memory timings (1T,2,3,3,6) and run SuperPi 8M... no dice. I get errors. I go into the BIOS and bump up the voltage to 2.7.. nope. 2.8.. nope. I switch back to 2.7 and change the timings to 1T, 2.5,3,3,8...no joy. 1T,3,3,3,8...nada. I'm getting a little concerned so I switch back to defaults at 2.6V and I still get errors. Then defaults at 2.7V...errors. Now I'm thinking that the other stick has gone bad. I go back to 2.6V and I run memtest and get this:





Now I go into the BIOS again and plan on bumping to 2.7V and running memtest again (keep in mind everything else is stock config. I even reset the BIOS defaults). I switch the voltage to 2.7, leaving everything else as is (2T,3,3,3,8), hit F10 to save and exit and boom the computer shuts off. I have to complete disconnect power for it to boot properly again. I try the same thing again and pow.. shutdown. I unplug again then re-plug and go back to the Bios. I make sure the voltage is back to 2.6 and save .. no crash this time. I go back into the Bios and switch to 2.7 and it bombs again.


Anyway, to make a long story short (too late I know) I think I have some bad ram.. :)


Any thoughts?




I just realized I ride my bike right past Corsair's office on Grimmer everyday on my way to/from work. Can I just drop the memory off get a replacement? :)

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Hi RamGuy,

Thanks for the quick response.

Unfortunately I don't have another system that will accept these modules under the same conditions. I have a Athlon XP 2500+ system But I won't be able to run the Ram at the same settings, unless you don't think that will matter.


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  • Corsair Employee
Even at DDR333 if the memory is causing that problem, you will see problems on any system. If you can I would just set the memory frequency at 100% and test the modules one at a time on your other system to be sure. But if you will plan to get a new MB that might now be bad idea, just what ever MB you get you should get the latest beta bios to have proper support for the CPU you have.
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