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Higher than 250 mhz ?


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With my current set-up memtest is stable at 250 mhz, anything higher than this setting, gives me errors on test 5 with 98% / or further test (8).


My settings for the memory sticks are: (Attachment).


Already tried differend volts (2.7 & 2.8) but 2.6 volt is most stabe, can anyone recommend some different mem-settings on this DFI board ?? I'm trying to get it stable at 260 mhz...


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Actually thats a good O.C. for that MB and or chipset.


Thanxx, are there some settings you can recommend (to change) to reach 260 stable ??


In most forums people with the same hardware accually reach 260 or above, i know that every hardware set-up reacts different......

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I can tell where your settings differs from my MSI bios, at least those we can see.


TRC - 14

TRFC - 24

Dram Drive Strength - Normal

Max Sync Latency - 8ns

Read Preamble Time - 6ns.


Rest is identical.


Try to increase chipset voltage a little and perhaps try out other bios. Should matter a lot on DFI Ive heard. You tried 2.55v for ram? Mine is very sensitive, try use some crazy speed like 270-280 or something. The volt level giving fewest errors is probably also best to use at 250 - or 262 which is what Im 95% mine can do Prime95 Blend test with. Memtest not a problem.

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