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Two bad modules


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Greetings, RAMGUY:


I purchased two 512MB ram modules from TigerDirect in January (VS512MB4500; part numbers 4661-0549041-0-589644 and 4661-0549041-0-589402). As soon as I installed them, I had multiple BSOD's from my Dell XP-SP2 system and I had to remove the memory from the computer to get it stable again. It took me a while to get around to it, but I've run MemTest86 V3.1 off of a boot CD to test both modules (one at a time) and gotten multiple errors from each one. Ther first DIMM gave me 8 errors in 69 passes of the test (about 6 hrs of run time). The other DIMM gave me 5863 errors in only 51 minutes. As I understand thigns, there shouldn't be any errors so I'm suspicious of both modules. One is clearly defective and causes pronounced system instability. Otherwise, the system is very stable when I run it with only the OEM memory DIMMS (no MemTest errors either).


I know these things happen, but what do I need to do now for an RMA? There were no signs of damage to the original shipping container, no signs of damage to the DIMM's themselves, and I routinely ground myself while working on the system. I've got a quality surge suppressor prtecting the system and haven't had any other equipment problems (plus we haven't had any lightening storms or anything of the sort lately).

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