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XMS3200 TwinX pair died today


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My Linux server suddenly crashed today with a "Kernal Panic - not syncing mm/mmap.c(425)" error. System has been running non-stop for 4000+ hours and was not doing anything special when this error happened. System would not boot again - always died on loading the kernel with some sort of error related to RAM.


The system specs:

ABIT AV8-ThridEye

AMD Athlon 64 3200+

2GB of Corsair XMS3200 TwinX memory in the form of 2 pairs of 512MB modules.


I pulled one pair from the system, and the problem was solved. I tried running with the suspected bad pair, and the problem reappeared. I have another identical server, so I tried the bad pair in it, as well: same Kernal Panic error.


This pair is clearly defective. I do not have time to run more specific tests to identify which of the 2 modules is the problem or more precisely what the problem is.


I would like to get an RMA # to have this TwinX pair replaced. My server is running again, but with only 1/2 the RAM that it needs.





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  • Corsair Employee
Cliff, you may not be able to run 4 modules at Cas 2-2-2-5 and for sure they will have to be set to DDR333 at 2T command Rate. Are you testing the modules one set at a time and do you have the memory voltage set to 2.75 Volts?
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Thanks for the response. I just need an RMA #, however. This is a production server and I can't keep taking it down to test this memory. I did definitely try it set by set to determine which of the matched pairs was a fault - that is how I am certain that this is the bad pair. I do not want to run a single TwinX module alone, nor do I want to mismatch them.


This system was running non-stop for 4000+ hours, as you can see from my original post. If it was a matter of not being able to run 4 modules simultaneously, then why is the problem only appearing now? Further, this problem is consistent and is not a matter of running 4 modules: the system runs fine on the 2 remaining matched modules, but fails to boot when I replace those 2 modules with the defective pair. In other words, it is now never running with 4 modules, but rather, runs fine with the 2 good ones, and will not run on only the 2 bad ones that I would like to have replaced.


To make that perfectly clear: system with only 2 modules installed fails to boot when those 2 modules the bad ones.


As for settings, the BIOS is configured to get the RAM timings from the modules themselves. I do not manually set it. As far as I know the voltage is 2.75 volts; I have not changed that from the ABIT AV8 default.


I appreciate the amount of time that you must spend in these forums, but it is very inefficient for customers like me to have to log into this system over and over looking for a response, and then to negotiate like this. Please just let me return these defective RAM modules for a pair that works.





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