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One out of two memory sticks not working


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Basically I bought Corsair (obviously) TwinX2048 - 3500LL PRO ram, I put it in my computer, and it can only find 1Gb.


(I just gave them a name to avoid confusion)


If I take out stick B, leaving stick A inside the computer, and my computer runs like it did before.

If I take out stick A, leaving stick B inside the computer, my computer doesnt want to load the bios when I press the power button.


I do the same with my two old computer (using the ram sticks that I bought) and the exact same thing happens.


So... I'm pretty sure it's not any of my computer's fault ;):


Anyways.. I was wondering whether its possible to send it in under warranty, and get another one, what I would have to pay (shipment costs), and whether I really need to send it all the way to the US, since I live in Switzerland



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