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Possible to use PC3700 and PC3200 in same system?


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I have a ASUS P4P800-Deluxe with a P4 2.8 system that has run for years on some Corsair TwinX XMS 3700 (433) sticks. 2 sticks totaling 1gb.


I was starting to get some swap space issues running Warcraft so I decided to buy some new ram. I tried my best to find 3700 but apparently there was 3200 and 4000. I realize that buying 3700 was overkill for my machine, I bought it in case I thought of overclocking later which I never did.


The original 3700 were slotted in slots 1 and 3. I put new TwinX 3200 (400) sticks (2 sticks totalling 2GB) in slots 2 and 4.


The system boots fine, and it says I have 2GB of memory. I assume it is going with the lowest speed and ignoring the higher for compatibility.


Am I right? Should I just as well remove the two 3700 sticks at this point, or is there anything I can do to utilize them?

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