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CMX512-XL3200PRO: one stick dead


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I have a dual channel kit of CMX512-XL3200PRO.


I will be honost regarding to the problems that led to one module not working properly anymore.

A while ago I had a leak in my Cascade waterblock.

Water was sipping through a crap onto, including, a memory module.

The strange thing is that the module on which water leaked is perfectly ok, the other one isn't.


When both modules are installed the PC will only give beep errors on POST and won't even start to boot.


The module affected by water has some marks on it from the water, but nothing serious and has been tested with Memtest86+ fine for a night long.

The other one, which shows no signs of water or whatever at all, shows errors in memtest86+.


The modules are used in DIMM slots 3 and 4, and I have a non-pro kit in DIMM slots 1 and 2. My Thermalright XP-90 is too low for the Pro to be in DIMM slots and and 2.


I have send the modules to the store I bought them from, and they say their memtest86+ test went fine all night.

No idea how they got it fine, as for me the PC won't even boot up.

I have also tested the modules in another machine, and got the same problems.


I really hope you guys can help me, as having one module down is a damn shame...






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Forgot to mention that I guess, put it in my profile though.

MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum.


I did some additional testing (World of Warcraft really takes up too much time hehe).


I took the modules to my work and put them in a HP DX5150 SFF.

First module for 4 hours on Metest86+ and then the second for about 3 hours. No problems at all.

Then both in Dual Channel for about 2 hours (about 8 passes) and no problems too.


Back at home I took my PC and took the non-pro modules out of slots 1+2 and placed 1 module in slot three.

Boots fine. Then in slot 4. Just long beeps and nothing more. This was with either Pro and non-Pro modules.

Having 3 modules in slots 1+2+3 doesn't work very well too it seems.

Need to do some more testing on this. 1+3 won't work at all too.


I have the idea my motherboard isn't OK anymore, but with just 1+2 there is no problem at all.....


Anyways, the modules appear to work just fine (guess you can advertise them as waterproof as well) so I need to investigate in my motherboard more.

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A little addidtion to the above post:


I was reading http://www.houseofhelp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33661 and saw some things I will try out tonight.


One thing was the voltage. I was running at 2.5V or 2.55V till last night after I updated the BIOS to 1.B or something. Somehow the liveupdate didn't show 1.9.

I upped the DDR voltage to 2.7V after re-configuring the BIOS as I had an idea it might be better overall, not that I have had problems or anything though.


Will try out the setting tonight when I get home, and post back here.


[edit]nevermind the 1.9 thing. 1.B = 1.11 (B = 11 HEX)[/edit]

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