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New Product RMA'ed different colors

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I had purchased the 1GB DDR2 Twin2x 5400c4PRO ram from Fry's. Stupid me I know. Ram was bad no problem emailed Corsair and it was replaced. Just got it today and put them in ran a burn in on them and smooth as can be then my little girl noticed that the RAM LED's were different colors. Why??? Correct me if I am wrong but I don't think that this quite qualifies as a good replacement due to I have a clear side panel and if my 5 year old caught it what do you think others might say.:sigh!: Is there anything I can do to get this resolved? Without having to send and spend another $10 in shipping this $179 now totals $189 plus time lost. I need my system and want it to look nice at the same time. I am a first time Corsair Custmr and at this point may be a last time custmr.


Color examples

Stick 1: has 3 Green 3 orange 3 darker orange and 3 red.

Stick 2: has 3 Green 3 orange and 6 Red and one green is a little dark looks like glue or something is over it.



Rodimus Prime79

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Normally I wouldn't care and I do have 4 CC tubes in place already and even still its an eye sore. If this were a closed case system I would say the same. Point of the matter is I paid for new and Matched memory well seems a tad not matched don't you think? Next point what if I were to go and buy another pair? Are they going to have this same issue? Most likely not. I might have 3 out of 4 that all have the same color and one thats not. I hate to be this way but I do have a vaild point.
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