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Problem with Asus P5LD2 and VS1GBKIT533D2


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Motherboard: Asus P5LD2

Processor: Intel 630+ 3GHz 800 MHz FSB 2MB L2 Cache

Memory: Corsair 1GB VS DDR2 PC 4200 533MHz CL4 (VS1GBKIT533D2)

Videocard: Asus N6600GT SILENCER

Powersupply: Antec 430W Neo HE


I have just put together a new system and everything seemed fine. But when I tried to install Windows it just restarted after the initial startup loading (at the first prompt screen: "Press ENTER to install Windows").


After making sure I installed all the components correctly, I downloaded and ran MemTest86+. After passing about 5-8% the computer restarts (no error, just reset). I've tried to lower the memory speed in the Bios and tried to raise the voltage to the memory, but that only made MemTest restart quicker (at least it seemed so). I also tried a lot of other Bios settings to see if I could get MemTest to run successfully, but no luck.


If I changed the Bios to detect all memory settings automatically, it does so correctly (timings and speed all appear correctly in MemTest).


I also installed the latest Bios patch for the motherboard, but it didn't seem to make any differance.


On the Corsair compability page the VS1GBKIT533D2 is listed as compatible with the Asus P5LD2.


I have tried running the memory in Dual Channel operation, Single Channel operation, only one stick, only the other one and with the same result.


So I'm not sure that it's a memory problem, because both of the sticks are showing the same problems, no matter which position. I think its probably a compability problem with the motherboard, so I really would like to hear if anyone else is having problem with their Asus P5LD2 and the Value Select 1Gb Kit 533 DDR2 memory.


If you are running the Asus P5LD2 but not with the VS1GBKIT533D2, which memory are you running?


Thanks in advance / Kei.

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