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Power Supply Bad? Serious help Please!


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Ok guys you are the best but you probably already know that :)


I have a major problem!


I have two corsair 3200 sticks as you can see in tech spec.

The problem I have is when I turn off the computer and then try to turn it on again.

The phreaking beast to computer will not start. I press the power on button and I press the button until my fingers bleed.

Ok so the next move was to take out one memory stick and try,

*Wapsi it worked to start up the computer without any problems!


Ok so the situation is whenever I put in the second stick, the computer refuses to start (sometimes it will, but rarely).

It doesn't matter which stick I have put in first, whenever it's two sticks, the computer won't start.

I tried all the combinations with having one stick on the first orange slot and then put in the second on the last orange slot.

Same with the yellow, I even tried to put one stick on the orange and then tried to put it in on a yellow ones still didn't work.


So thought the memories was bad but we tried them on another computer and they work fine together and also in the memtest86+.

We tried them on the same motherboard and same powersupply as I have.


Ok so I thought hey there is not enough power because I connected the graphic card and the motherboard on the same powercable.

Tried that and still the same problem.


I've posted before about my memory problem:



Please help me :)



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The things in the computer


Antec Performance One P180 Miditower,


Seasonic S12 500W, 120mm

fan, 4xSATA, ATX/EPS, SLI, 20/24pin



Socket-939,S-ATA, GbLAN, Fw, PCI-Ex16

[ Bios Version 2005/06/23 ]


AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ 2.2GHz Socket 939




Western Digital Raptor 36.7GB SATA

8MB 10000RPM


XFX GeForce 6800XT 256MB GDDR3,

PCI-Express, Tv-Out/Dual-DVI, Retail



NEC DVD±RW-brännare, ND-4551A, 16x,

Dual, Ram, LabelFlash


Corsair TWINX2048-3200C2 DDR-DIMM 2048MB

Kit w/two matched CMX1024-3200C2 DIMMs



AEROCOOL gatewatch fan controller


Dell 24 inch for the first DVI

Videoseven 17 inch for the other DVI

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  • Corsair Employee
Please set the Dim Voltage to 2.6 volts and then set the timings manually to the tested settings for the specific module you have, and then test the module/modules one at a time with www.memtest.org! If you still get errors, please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part!” and we will be happy to replace them or it! However, if you get errors with both modules that would suggest some other problem and I would test them in another system or MB to be sure.
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I tried with a friends computer yesterday, and we found out that it\s the Psu that is a wreck. He's got the same psu and it worked prefectly with my mashine... I mean the computer starts from time to time... but with his it starts every time... So I will do some more testing with different parts..


Thanks a lot guys!

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