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Another Dual Channel Question


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Hi Guys


I have a pair of mixed VS1GB533D2.

It works fine and no problems exist but one thing i found out using Sandra is that my Dual channeled ram run at 64bit... not 128bit.

I have seen generic ram in VIA chipsets running at dual channel 128bit...

Just wondering why my near $450 ram and m/b setup wont run at 128bit...

I may sound a bit noob but im just a junkie when it comes to these matters...:confused:

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they are on same coloured slots (both black i think... its a intel 945G board) and just to be sure i matched the dimm slot numbers (or letters)... I used to be a technician at a parts distributor u know... :D: i think its because my sticks are mixed... as in they were bought seperately in single packs and have 2 months difference between them when i bought them
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This is the first one i bought... (bigger ram chip size and higher standing PCB)


Purchase Date: Around early Oct




The Older one... (Smaller chips and low standing PCB...)


Purchase Date: Mid-Late Jan


Each have around 3 months in between... roughly

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Thanks for the help Ramguy but i have one last question (or an alternative)...

Because i live in Australia... Do i have to send it to the States?

Or would i be able to send it back to the distributor?

Just curious cos i have a friend that deals with the Corsair distributor here in Australia (Altech).

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