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Question about CM2X512-5400C4PRO and CM2X512-5300C4PRO..?


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I have 2x512MB of each of those on a Asus P5AD2-E Premium mobo (Intel P4 3.4GHz 550) and I was just wondering what the best configuration was for the actual DIMMs. Should I put both 5400C4 into the first two DIMMs? Or should I put one in the first DIMM and one in the third DIMM?


Also, it seems that the RAM is maxing out at 333MHz and PC5300. Is this a limitation of mixing two slightly different rams? Finally, what is the difference between the 5300C4 and the 5400C4? And can I run these all at 4:4:12?


Thanks for the any help you can provide me!



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