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Issues w/4Gb of TWINX2048-3200PRO on a A8N-SLI Deluxe


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Hello guys--

This is the issue: I purchased this machine built to my specifications from a company in California. It came with 2Gb of TWINX2048-3200PRO memory, and I thought that for a couple of hundred more adding 2 more Gb wouldn't be a bad idea, considering that I do a lot of flightsimming, and the task is very resource intensive. So, 2 GB in a form of a TWINX2048-3200PRO kit were added. Now, this is what has been happening lately. When playing either MSFS or Lock-on (I really don't play anything else) randomly, but every hour or so (sometimes more frequently), the screen would go black, and then the machine would reboot. On reboot, when the XP Windows load screen pops-up, it would reboot again, and again, and again... Now, this very well may be a software/driver issue, however, I did download and burn Memtest, and ran it last night for about 6 hours. Test 0 detected 1654 errors when I switched it off. I don't know if its a compatibility issue, if maybe one of my modules is bad, if it is a software issue or what, but this rebooting is slowly driving me nuts. I am no pro at this (but I do know a little bit about computers) so I wouldn't get offended if someone pointed to the obvious. Please help, in any way you can!



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I have set the following:

The CPU is at 10x multiplier, 260 Mhz frequency (11x-200Mhz stock)


Memory settings are 266Mhz, 3-3-3-7 (which I believe is stock, I didn't tamper with the timings).

The rest of the bios is on stock settings. Heat is not an issue (water cooled) at this time. Maybe in the summer it will be. Strangely, my computer has undergone a series of small mishaps following installation of eVGAs latest graphics drivers. Blue screens started popping, prompting me to reinstall Windows, thinking that some drivers were corrupted. I ended up installing the 77.79 drivers, and graphics issues worked themselves out. This is just the latest in the series...

Prior to the RAM upgrade the computer ran the same timings and 261Mhz on the processor stable. Prime95 would run all night long without errors.

Hope this is enough information

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