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RMA'd parts need RMA


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I sent in two PC2100 XMS modules in November, and got back two PC-2700 CM64SD256-700 256M modules, which was fine--they are a bit faster, even though they are not from the XMS line.


However, I just finally went to use these two modules in a P4 system:


P4 2.4Mhz 533 FSB (333).

Intel motherboard (Intel G865GLC)

This system has been running fine for months with a 512 module @333. It also runs and tests out fine with another module a 256M PC3200 stick. (runs at 333)--these other memory modules run fine.


One of the modules Corsair sent tests out fine with MEMTEST, the other won't even boot. Testing both together, MEMTEST runs for about 5 minutes, then locks up.


The original RMA number was R99592


I did notice that the RMA'd memory I was sent was a little beat up--the DRAM chips themselves were a bit worn, and, at least one looks like it either had a sticker or heat sinks taken off of it.


Request RMA for these--possible to send the two 256M modules back and get one 512 (or 2 x 256) modules that have the heat spreader (XMS?) like the 2100 speed modules I originally RMA'd?


Thanks very much for your help--



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