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need rma me thinks


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hi, my pc keeps freezing and locking up for 5-30secs, it has never done this befor just started

my cpu is a 2800 barton 333, @ 3000 and 400fsb, in nf45g shuttle ,been running fine for 6 months no problems at all.

there is 2 512 sticks code:

cmx512-3200llpt xms3205v1.2

cmx512-3200llpt xms3205v1.2


put one in at time and only 1 stick come up with this error

so run memtet86 on them and comes up with this error : bad :04140404


put the ram volt to 2.6 but still no luck.


i got the ram from aria do i have the life time warrenty or not?


please help

i am in Uk

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