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Bad RAM Module


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My computer has been having a serious problem lately where it will just restart during the initial windows boot. Thinking that there may be some file corruption or some software issue, I tried running the repair console from my windows CD to try and copy over the file it seems to be choking on, but this did nothing. After spending hours attempting to try and fix this, I low-level formatted the drive and then ran SeaTools on my hard drive. The drive passed with flying colors. After reinstalling windows, the same problem arose. I then used Prime95 to test my CPU and after 10 hours of passing every test, I decided to test my RAM. Windows Memory Diagnostic and Memtest86+ both failed one of four of my Corsair TwinX CMX256A-3200LLPT DIMMs. Please help me fix this problem. Thank You.



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I noticed that you guys ask for the BIOS settings involving the RAM and CPU, so here goes:


BIOS Version: BZ87510A.86A.0123.P33

Hyperthreading: Enabled

System Bus Speed: 800MHz

System Memory Speed: 266MHz

L2 Cache RAM: 512KB

Total Memory: 1024MB

Memory Mode: Dual Channel

SDRAM Frequency: 266MHz

SDRAM tCL: 2.0



SDRAM tRASmin: 6

All other performance-related settings have been left at the manufacturer's default settings.

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