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Bad Module or what


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While I am in game i keep getting this horrible and most annoying graphics jumping,skipping, and/or hiccups.


Here is the video of my wonderful stuttering video game. http://www.putfile.com/gongo911

It happens all the time and never ceases. In any program. I have replaced the video card, motherboard, cpu. I have not replaced the RAM, PSU, or Hard Drive.


Please help me, Ive lived with 40X the skipping you will see in that video for over 5 months. I am so frustrated.

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CPU Settings:


HT Frequency- 1000mhz

HT Data Width(Upstream)- 16bit

HT Data Width(Downstream)-16 bit


Memory Configuration:


Memlock Mode- auto

hardware memory hole- disabled

bank interleaving- auto

Burst Length- 4 beats

mct timing mode- auto




read preamble setting-auto

2T Command-auto


ECC Configuration:


DRAM ECC enable-enabled

mca dram ecc logging-disabled

ecc chip kill-disabled

dram scrub redirect-disabled

dram bg scrub-disabled

l2 cache bg scrub-disabled

data cache bg scrub-disabled


phew, there ya go :cool:

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