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Need RMA - Bad RAM


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I am having problems with my PC. It seems that my PC freezes and it also sometimes crashes into a blue screen, with error message "memory dump".


I troubleshot this problem and this is the result: I ran Prime 95 and I got an error within 10 seconds of hardware failure. I moved the memory around, I had it in slot 1, then 2, then 1 & 3, 2 & 4, and I got the same results.


I decided to put on stick of RAM in slot number 1 and run Prime 95 to find that I got the same error within 10 seconds. My screen started to freeze and lock up. I took that RAM out and I put my other stick of 512, ran Prime for over 8 hours without any issues or errors.


My problem is: I need to RMA this memory stick. I have two 512's running in dual channel. Do I need to send you both sticks or only one, since certain versions don't agree with other versions.


Here are my specs: abit AN7 Motherboard

XP 3000 Barton CPU

2X - 512 CORSAIR CMX512

37gig WD Raptor

200gig Seagate

98 Pro Videocard

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