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Acer Aspire 3023 sodimm compatibility


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Hi, I'm wondering if the Corsair 512mb 3200 sodimms would fit my Acer Aspire 3023 laptop?

I'm keen to get some 400mhz ram as it seems Acer upped my cpu from a sempron 3000 to 3100 (nice cpu,A64 without the 64), but the FSB seems to have gone up to 200 yet the ram is still 333. I'm thinking this is gonna be causing asychronous timing probs and probably be slower than the 3000@166FSB? Any help info much appreciated, cheers.

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When did you get the notebook?

I just bought mine and the CPU is still a 3000 Sempron, but they have upgraded the gfx from an ATI X600 to a X700.


The OEM RAM fitted is currently 2x256MB 333, CL2.5.


Would this Corsair RAM be OK for the system: VS512SDS333

To take it to 2x512MB ??



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