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Need evidence of tech-support for RMA


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I am posting here because I need evidence that I contacted Technical Support for the RMA procedure. Here is how I determined my module is bad:


1) My aunt's computer was having intermittent problems. Sometimes, it would boot and be usable, other times it would be stuck at the loading XP splash screen. Sometimes, it would freeze while doing random tasks. There would also be random IRQL less than or equal errors.


2) I initially believed the problem to be software-related, since the computer in question is a public-use computer and subject to random downloads all day long. The computer *is* equipped with the latest McAfee as well as ZoneAlarm protection software. After trying System Restore and turning off services and a few other ideas with no success, I almost gave up, until...


3) I rebooted one more time, and the system would not start. All I heard was the BIOS beeping. I figured this was what my uncle meant by "the computer would not even turn on." I initially thought it was the video card, so I tried reseating it. Same problem. Then, I tried taking out the DIMM in question. The beeping stopped and Windows loaded. I then proceeded to use the computer and was able to do so for about two hours with no problems.


4) Knowing that I had a Corsair module, I tried placing the DIMM into another slot just in case the original slot had failed. Unfortunately, Windows died the second I fired up Prime95 and ran the blend test (there were no problems when the DIMM was removed).


5) The DIMM had been running in my aunt's computer for over a year with no problems. It is an Athlon XP NForce2 based computer, with a Biostar M7NCD Pro motherboard. I wanted to make sure it wasn't the motherboard, so I took the DIMM home and ran it on a PCCHIPS KT333 board (forgot the model#) and ran Memtest. There were immediate errors.


6) I think we can logically conclude that the DIMM is bad. The DIMM was purchased from Newegg.com in 2004 and they specifically claim that all warranties are provided by the manufacturer only. The model# of the DIMM is VS256MB333, and it was a retail DIMM (I still have the original packaging). The lot# is 0447004-0.


This is my first time requesting support from Corsair. Based on my experiences with other companies, I am wary of being made to jump through hoops. That is why I wrote a rather lengthy description of the problem, to demonstrate that I have some idea of what I am doing. I would ask that someone please respond as soon as possible so that I can submit the RMA. Thank you for your attention and time.

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Dear Corsair:


I received my replacement DIMM (VS256MB333, 0537041-0) and finally tested it today, and this one is also bad. First, I tried it in the PCChips board that I mentioned in my original post. Windows would BSOD immediately, and upon running Memtest86, there were instant errors. The BIOS was configured with fail-safe options, and I tried configuring the timings by SPD as well as CAS 2.5.


I then tried the memory in a KT266A board with an AMD Duron. I ran it at PC1600 and PC2100 speeds (this is PC2700 RAM) to no avail. Memtest86 bombed immediately.


When I tried the above systems with known good DIMMs, they booted flawlessly and ran Memtest86 without a hitch. I therefore logically conclude that Corsair sent me a bad replacement DIMM.


I'm starting to get frustrated. As I mentioned previously, Corsair has a good reputation and I would like to continue believing that, but the thought of having to spend more time and money to ship this bad DIMM back to you is not appealing at all. You should have tested the DIMM before sending it to me.


I am formally requesting that you send me a good DIMM with a postage-paid label so that I don't have to drive all the way to the UPS store and waste 6 dollars to ship the DIMM to you. Since it's only a 256MB DIMM, spending more time and money on getting it replaced would be counterproductive; I could just buy a new DIMM. My continuing status as a loyal Corsair customer will be contingent upon your response. Thank you for your time.



Jonathan Young

CompTIA A+ Certified Technician

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Did you try and load setup defaults with just this module installed? And I would set the voltage to 2.7 Volts and set the timings manually to Cas 2.5-3-3-7!


I've tried the above. It doesn't work. I ask again: are you going to cross ship a new DIMM to me?


P.S. Please read my posts in their entirety. If you do, you'll realize that I'm someone who knows what I'm doing. Thanks.

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